The need for Video Surveillance - a simpleton's guide

The need for Video Surveillance - a simpleton's guide

If you run a business, you must know by now how the safety and security of your business assets are essential. When it comes to this aspect, video surveillance and security cameras play a significant role in the game. Without going inside nuances and technical jargon, let us walk through the simple reasons that make video surveillance and security cameras crucial for a business.


Guarantees overall safety

It is one factor which everyone agrees upon. No candidate is better to keep an eye on than your video surveillance set up and support intelligent cameras. Without an efficient surveillance setup, a business is 4x likely to be burglarized. It reported that 60% of burglaries are forced entries, and a sound security system will prevent it from happening.

Prevents Employee theft and shoplifting.

Here are two figures worth pondering over:

  • Employees commit 80% of robberies happening in an organization.
  • 63.5% of small businesses encounter employee theft.
  • Shoplifting accounts to business loss of worth $25,000 to $32,000 every minute.

Your answer to these issues lies in a well-established, meticulous video surveillance system.

Helps in preventing scams & frauds

Scam and fraudulent claims result in businesses losing up to 5% of their revenue. A common source of fear for any business is getting sued for an accident, harassment, injury, or legal ground. Having effective video surveillance provides businesses smart leverage as this video feeds serve as testimony.

Video Surveillance is a likely ally of law enforcement

United States small business administration says that one incident of vandalism can amount to a cost of $3,350. Noticeably placed cameras have been proven to deter individuals to groups to commit acts of vandalism. Even if it occurs, the same video feeds go on to help law enforcement in various ways. The installation of video surveillance cameras has directly or indirectly helped society in significant ways. In 2012, a crime was caught live on a Miami causeway by security cameras installed in a nearby mall and helped police see the convict.

It inadvertently helps productivity and boosts sales.

In terms of productivity, video surveillance is a good ally since business owners can keep an eye on employees, their movements, and professional courtesy. An intelligent surveillance system can also help employers subject their employees to thorough scrutiny.

When talking about sales, intelligent video surveillance cameras are of great help in retail stores. They help the management to track customer traffic patterns and adjust inventory & stocking as a result. The same applies to monitoring customer transactions.

It is cost-effective and scalable.

A video surveillance system is cost-effective since they significantly reduce the need to hire a security personnel team. It is scalable since adding and integrating more smart cameras in an already established system is easy & hassle-free.

Assures business compliance.

It is good to install a video surveillance system to comply with the respective country's existing surveillance policies and rights.

Brings peace of mind.

Who does not value peace of mind and a moment of assurance? Business owners certainly do. A well-equipped and intelligent video surveillance system goes a long way in maintaining an organization's order and proper functioning. IP remote surveillance provides continuous real-time monitoring 24/7, allowing authorities to keep an eye on any location 24/7. This ensures peace of mind.

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