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Asset Tracking Intelligent Sensing

iNetra, An Intelligent Asset Tracking System is a powerful tracking tool that helps businesses track their critical assets in real-time. Every business is unique and so are its assets. Tracking these critical assets 24X7 with real-time alerts helps prevent losses and damages. Today, businesses track their key assets to improve their business performance.

iNetra Intelligent Asset Tracking System uses different sensors like CCTV, GPS, UWB, and BLE to track and monitor key assets effectively and efficiently. The asset tracking system can be accessed on different devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It allows key personnel to receive real-time alerts, as well as access intelligent insights and reports.

We make businesses safer and more secure by tracking their key assets.

Inetra Vision Based Vehicle Tracking System

An Intelligent Asset Tracking System, iNetra, ensures the safety of your key assets within your office, factory, shopfloor, or even outside. Every business's key assets are unique, and tracking and monitoring them is critical to ensure safety and security of the business.

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iNetra is a powerful AI based solution that helps your security personnel by providing them with accurate tracking information for vehicles. iNetra offers customizable alerts to notify the people as and when a deviation occurs.

iNetra leverages your existing surveillance infrastructure and makes it more intelligent by tracking and monitoring the movement of vehicles inside your premises. This allows your security personnel to track all vehicles in a single view. Our system generates alerts (customized) when a vehicle deviates from its designated path or enters a restricted area.


Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Notifications Anytime & Anywhere

Notifications Anytime & Anywhere

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Deep Learning-based Analytics

Deep Learning-based Analytics

How it works?

How vision based vehicle tracking system works
Our solution leverages your existing surveillance infrastructure and makes it more intelligent by tracking and monitoring the movement of vehicles inside your premises. This allows your security personnel to track all vehicles in a single view. Our system generates alerts (customized) when a vehicle deviates from its designated path or enters a restricted area.

Use Cases

Shop Floor Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

Office Asset Tracking

External Vehicle Tracking On Factory Premises

Shopfloor Asset Tracking

Mining, Oil & Gas Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Factory Asset Tracking

Fleet Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Outside Asset Tracking

Safety and Security

Ensuring Safety and Security in an organization is very crucial and this is one of those tasks that go on 24x7x365. Companies use a variety of methods from surveillance cameras, security personnel, intruder alerts, etc. Many of these methods are effective yet they have their own set of challenges.

Our Intelligent Vision Systems offers you solutions that take the Safety and Security in your organization a notch above.
Vehicle tracking system safety and security


AI based Vehicle tracking system

Our Intelligent Vision Systems deploy a variety of complex vision-based algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect and track objects. Our special monitoring applications generate alerts in real-time and notify the right people at the right time.

Custom Reports and Alerts

Vehicle tracking system tracking reporting

Our solution presents relevant information to different stakeholders. The security guy monitoring the video feeds gets a comprehensive view of location of all vehicles, and alerts for specific events. The senior security officers are notified on mobile devices of any deviations. The detailed reporting application can give tons of useful information about movement of vehicles and help identify areas for improving logistics efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asset Tracking?
Asset tracking is a way to identify and track the location of your physical assets. It can be done by scanning the barcode labels that are attached to your assets, or by using tags with location broadcasting. You can also track indoor locations using these technologies. This can be helpful if someone is wearing a tag.
What are the different methods used for Asset Tracking?
What are the uses of Asset Tracking?
What is the difference between Asset Tracking and Asset Management?
How should you proceed with Asset Tracking?
What is IoT-based Asset Tracking?
What are the advantages of IoT-based Asset Tracking?
What is IoT-based Asset Management?

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